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Be Podiatry is a Progressive Practice with an Innovative Approach to Foot Health

Announcement posted by Options Communication Therapy & Training Centre Pty Ltd 21 Sep 2022

We are a progressive podiatry clinic that invests in modern technologies to ensure we are able to offer tailored management/treatment plans to get our patients back to what they love doing.

There’s an extensive array of therapies that are effective for healing, easing pain, and improving mobility of which individuals aren’t aware. Owned by Michael Ceravolo, Be Podiatry, is a progressive podiatry practice that takes a different approach with patients and their foot health.

At some point, everyone has had the unpleasant experience of being hurried through a medical-related appointment. Individuals have the feeling that the medical professional isn’t really listening to them. The experts at Be Podiatry want to make sure they fully understand the client’s needs. An initial appointment is 100 percent longer and subsequent appointments are 50 percent longer to provide individuals with enough time to explain their symptoms and concerns.

The podiatrist Heidelberg utilizes a variety of advanced technology that includes in-house biomechanical assessments to identify dysfunctional movement patterns and ToePro to measure toe muscle strength that’s important for reducing the risk of falls. A comprehensive assessment of muscle and joint function is performed for pinpoint accuracy in locating specific conditions and potential problems. 3D scans are utilized when orthotic therapy is needed.

Multiple treatments are available at the podiatrist Northcote to promote healing, manage pain, and provide rehabilitation. Dry needling is effective for managing pain in soft tissue. Hands-on manual mobilisation helps joints move more efficiently and is beneficial for chronic conditions, current injuries, and previous injuries that have residual effects. Shockwave therapy is non-invasive and delivers focused acoustic waves at the site of pain to promote healing or break down scar tissue.

The Ivanhoe podiatrist has a unique approach to foot and lower leg care that sets the practice apart from others. A full range of services is provided for children and adults of all ages, ranging from sports injuries and diabetic care to surgical solutions and general skin and nail care. The practice creates customized management plans that provides long-term solutions for better quality of life.

About Be Podiatry

The team at Be Podiatry take great pride in our individualised approach to healthcare, curating a management plan that addresses the specific needs of you as the patient. We take into account factors such as activity level, health goals and the specific needs of our patients to deliver a high-level service within Greensborough and the wider community. Our goal is to keep people happy and healthy with regard to foot health and general well-being, with a compassionate approach to assessing, managing and educating on a range of health concerns.

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