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The Educated Singles Club members want to know the Covid-19 status before dating.

Announcement posted by The Educated Singles Club 13 Jan 2022

Over the past year, we have received numerous requests from many of our members who suggested it should be possible to see other members' COVID-19 vaccination status. Initially, we considered it a private matter. Furthermore, it is a subject that divides people across the globe. But as we continued to receive suggestions from many members we decided to take action.

We then conducted a survey where more than 2000 members responded. We asked them if COVID-19 vaccination status should be a new information field on each member's profile.

68% found it was a good idea, 19% found it was a bad idea, while the remaining 13 % were undecided.

We decided to add a field to the profile where each member can indicate his or her vaccination status. We have communicated clearly to all our members across the world, that it is entirely voluntary to answer. The default answer is "I prefer not to say". I will remain like that until the member decides to choose another option. You can see the options we have chosen below.


It has been paramount for The Educated Singles Club to emphasize that we don't have any opinion on this matter. We are only responding to many members' wishes. That is why it is entirely voluntary and members can't search for members with specific vaccination statuses.

Our initiative has been mainly positively received. But as we all know, it is a very emotional topic so not everybody has been pleased.


About The Educated Singles Club

The Educated Singles Club was founded by Dr Finn Majlergaard who knew a lot of well-educated singles who were disappointed by the current dating sites and dating apps. He and his team started a large research project with the purpose to find out why so many well-educated people were single. One of the surprising findings was, that quite many well-educated singles were quite happy with being singles, but they would like to meet like-minded individuals for cultural, social and professional events. Then, maybe, the physical and emotional attraction could develop from there.

All these findings lead to the creation of The Educated Singles Club. And the popularity is growing rapidly as more countries and tech companies are focusing on privacy protection.

The Educated Singles Club has a lot of ideas to pursue as it grows globally. In a recent presentation, Dr Finn Majlergaard outlined some of the ideas.

- Strengthen the global ambassador program
- Organise educational camps for the members around the world where they meet for some days over an educational topic
- Formation of a think tank, that can develop ideas of global interest e.g. on climate change solutions, sustainability and human rights.

The Educated Singles Club is based on very strong values and is based on a state-of-the-art technology platform that enables the global community to connect, communicate and collaborate in almost any possible way.

Contact: press@Educatedsingles.com