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Jack Laurence is coming home to SEA FM.

The Australian has revealed new key appointments.

Brooke Grebert-Craig is now part of the Leader Community News in Dandenong.

Cliff Joiner has exited NZME.

Nine’s Good Food Guide is coming back.

Patricia Karvelas is the new RN Breakfast host.

Trev Butler gets ready to drive with Hot Tomato.

Heath Parkes-Hupton’s stint with ABC is underway.

Nick Calacouras is on weekend duties at the Sydney Morning Herald.

Mark Stevens is Stuff NZ’s new head of news.

Toni Hetherington is SMARTDaily’s editor.

Nat Tencic is ready to wrap up at Triple J.

Patty Huntington is part of Harper’s Bazaar AU editorial team.

Avani Dias is coming to the ABC in 2022.

Jamila Jalloh is now part of Ticker News.

Wednesday 1st December 11:00am

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